Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Involving and Storming

Storming the Oracle ACE barricades, yeah.

Dan Norris, while musing upon the qualifications required to become an Oracle ACE, commented,

[C]ommunity involvement is becoming a bigger factor in the job market. As a consulting practice manager that regularly interviews and occasionally hires talented individuals, I look at community involvement as a significant factor in my evaluation process. Those that are engaged in the community are more likely to get my attention and those that lead parts of the community receive and deserve a special place near the front of the line in my book. Right or wrong, those involved with the community have typically been more resourceful, harder working, and easier to work with in my experiences. Of course, you also have to “know your stuff”, but that’s becoming the easy part with such an active community producing tons of valuable technical content daily.

Dan then linked to a post by Sheeri Cabral, who set a goal to win a MySQL Community Member of the Year award, and who engaged in specific activities to win that award.

April 2006 - March 2007

154 blog posts

3 User Group/conference presentations

Organized 12 User Group meetings

Produced 2 Videos

Produced 11 Podcasts (started Nov. 2006)

1 Grant

Google Summer of Code mentor– full disclosure, the $500 mentor incentive went directly to MySQL and helped pay for the new MySQL Forge servers, so my only payment was a T-shirt.

April 2007 - March 2008

94 blog posts

4 User Group/conference presentations (+1 lightning talk)

Organized 11 User Group meetings

Produced 6 Videos plus all the videos from the mysql user conference (available at

Produced 14 Podcasts

2 Grants

Well, if I want to win the Ira Fistell Award, I'm well on my way to doing so.

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