Friday, May 16, 2008

A Pre Twit-Out Experiment - How to Microblog Lunch via MojiPage

Yes, I know that the Twit-Out isn't until next Wednesday, but I want to try an experiment.

When I'm out and about, I'm using a first-generation Motorola Q phone with Windows Mobile version 5 and the equivalent of Internet Explorer version 4. In this environment I am able to look at FriendFeed, and I am able to subscribe to people's feeds, but I am unable to like or comment on items in feeds.

My workaround is to use MojiPage's FriendFeed widget, which does allow like and comment capability (as well as the ability to view items such as blog posts), but only on recent items in your feed; you can't find an older item and like or comment on it, and if the item isn't in the feed of your friends and yourself, you can't access it at all. In addition, you can't view comments or likes (but you can switch back to to do that).

The one thing that you CAN'T do is initiate a FriendFeed comment, which is the closest equivalent to a Twitter tweet that I can conceive.

But, I can make a blog post which then registers in FriendFeed, and I can then use MojiPage to comment on the blog post.

OK. I'm going to lunch. After I post this, I'll edit it to include the FriendFeed link. Let's see what happens.

As I noted earlier, my primary purpose for participating in the Twit-Out is to engage in exercises like this, to see how much I could do in FriendFeed if Twitter were to go the way of the Norwegian blue (beautiful plumage) and become an ex-service.


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