Thursday, May 15, 2008

My current thoughts on the Twit-Out


I haven't said a lot about the Twit-Out here, but I've discussed it a bit on FriendFeed. Here are some relevant links:

A link from Andrew Dobrow, and the resulting conversation

A statement from Morton Fox, and the resulting conversation

The Andrew Dobrow question "who's down for Twit-Out on the 21st?"

The Jason Kaneshiro post "I'm Boycotting Twitter Until They Get Their Act Together, and the resulting FriendFeed conversation

So, can you figure out what service I'll be using on Wednesday, May 21? (Hint: it's not Jaiku. I requested an invitation some time ago, and never heard back from them.)

So I'm going to try to use FriendFeed for the day on May 21, and not use Twitter. In fact, I may even ignore tweets that appear in FriendFeed during that day.

However, there are two issues that may complicate things:

  • There is better mobile access to Twitter than to FriendFeed. Twitter's client has somewhat limited functionality, but I recently discovered, which offers nearly full functionality on the mobile platform. FriendFeed's mobile access is more limited. The FriendFeed widget at MojiPage does allow me to like and comment recent items, but I can't view comments on an item (I have to go to the FriendFeed page to see them), and I can't navigate in the MojiPage widget (for example, I can't navigate to just see Bwana McCall's items).

  • I'm just starting up a new project. Although it won't interest most of you, I have started up an "Empoprises" project that currently offers two blogs, one dedicated to the Inland Empire in California (sample post) and one dedicated to NTN Buzztime gaming and corporate issues (sample post). The Empoprises stuff has its own online identity, including its own Disqus and FriendFeed accounts - and its own Twitter account. I'm primarily using Twitter to source information (this post was sourced from a tweet), and obviously Twitter has a bit of promotional value also. The Empoprises project is in its infancy; will I be crippling myself by ignoring Twitter for a day?
It remains to be seen what will happen on that day, but it should prove to be interesting.

And no, I'm not under any illusion that on Thursday, May 22, all of Twitter's downtime problems will be solved and they will communicate all issues to us within seconds (instead of days). I'm more interested in this from a user interface point of view - if Twitter were to disappear, how much stuff would I be able to accomplish with FriendFeed?

(It should be noted that not everyone will be using FriendFeed on that day; I'm sure that some people will switch from Twitter to its closer competitors, such as Jaiku and Pownce.)

Well, we'll see what happens over the next few days. And if you want to track the conversation, you can always view the results of

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