Friday, May 30, 2008

mrontemp follows on the Odiogo bandwagon

Well, I did it.

Yesterday, I formally announced that my Inland Empire (California) blog, Empoprise-IE, now supports Odiogo.

The response from Solacetech (Anthony Farrior) was touching.

good move on the blog/podcast. Looking forward to not reading your blog everyday. ;)

With that show of support, I proceeded to add Odiogo to my NTN Buzztime blog, Empoprise-NTN, just a few minutes ago.

And now it's available here at mrontemp.

You can listen to each blog post individually, or you can subscribe to the feed in your favored audio feed subscriber thingie.

The subscription page for mrontemp is

Also check out and, should you have an interest in the Inland Empire or NTN Buzztime.

As I've already noted, I'm not sure if there's a practical use for these audio feeds yet. But they're fun, and the text-to-speech converter isn't all that bad.

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