Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I can translate anything - the figure skating world opens up to me

Ran across some Finnish text in my blog - some old Laura Lepisto text that I couldn't translate at the time.

Enter Google.

Laura Lepistö taitoluistelun won the Women's Championship in Finland on Sunday before the Rauma Kiira Korpi. Kolmanneksi jäänyt Susanna Pöykiö ei mahtunut EM-kisaryhmään, sillä Suomen kolmas paikka menee Jenni Vähämaalle. Thirdly, escaped Susanna Pöykiö not mahtunut EM-kisaryhmään, as Finland's third place goes to Jenni Vähämaalle. Miesten mestaruuden ja EM-paikan nappasi Mikko Minkkinen. Men's Championship and the European championship on the nappasi Mikko Minkkinen.

So now I can figure out why Kiira Korpi's name has repeatedly appeared with Finnish words that sound like "sponsor."

Such as this post:

The sponsors of individual points of interest in their own categories at the apex of ice hockey will rise along with Kiira Korpi, Ateneum, Pori Jazz and the Baltic Sea.

Or this one:

Advertisers Association of sponsorointibarometrin According to the Finnish companies spend a year, 166 million euros, mainly of sport and culture. Sponsoreiden suosikkiurheilija on taitoluistelija Kiira Korpi. Sponsor suosikkiurheilija is taitoluistelija Kiira Korpi....

The most popular athlete had to turn taitoluistelija Kiira Korpi. Ateneum was the best taidekohde, Pori Jazz's most popular viihdekohde. The Baltic Sea rose to the top of the other items in this category.

Well, my financial pull isn't measured as comparable to an entire sea. Heck, I don't even rate up there with Cucamonga Creek (motto: I surf to school).

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