Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Everything has already been invented - the Web 2.0 Name Generator

It all started when I read this Robert Scoble tweet:

Sorry, we're talking about Meetro, not Meebo. Too many Web 2.0 names sound alike.

Because I'm one of Robert's close personal Twitter friends, I chose to reply:

@scobleizer maybe someone can write a web 2.0 name generator. i'll start brainstorming some names manually, but not on twitter.

Because Robert and I are close personal friends, I knew he'd figure out that I was going to end up on FriendFeed (we're close personal friends there also). Actually, he did figure it out; he liked the FriendFeed entry that was generated by my tweet. Essentially, I used FriendFeed's comments feature to create a conversation with a bunch of fake Web 2.0 company names. (Yes, I could have used Disqus, but I didn't.)

BobamaFeed (Vallejo, CA) is a unified change agent aggregator to facilitate international B2B transactions. (Menlo Park, NJ/Haifa, Israel) facilitates synchronous message streaming between friends and groups. Unlike 20th century chat rooms, the streams handle image and video payloads.

Divrsr (Quincy, MA) aggregates social change communications (text/audio/video) and facilitates social partnering.

Buggie (Barstow, CA) hosts a network of rural commuters, aggregating and distributing traffic information in rural areas with insufficient traffic information infrastructure.

SnowPet (Ottawa, ON) allows adoption of virtual snowflakes. Targeted at tweens, this site offers advertising opportunities for youth-oriented products.

Oog (Beaverton, OR) is a community dedicated to the Oog Nation. Beta, invites only. Come Oog!

But while I was spending my time manually coming up with these ideas, @themantisofdoom was getting back to the automated idea.

@oemperor @scobleizer Web 2.0 Name Generator is done. :)

And no, he didn't rickroll me. The link resolved to, the Web 2.0 Name Generator. Here are the first ten names that were randomly generated for me (YMMV):


Pity. I still like SnowPet. Even though it already exists. That didn't stop the iPhone.

And, by the way, I am happy to report that I have returned to my usual non-trendiness. The Web 2.0 Name Generator cited above was mentioned in a November 2007 post at

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