Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Want a New Thread - Stupid Disqus tricks

I was visiting the Disqus community page for this blog,, when I noticed the "New Thread" button.

So I started a new thread, The Gaia thread, just for the heck of it.

For those who aren't familiar with Disqus, the creation of a community related to a blog results in Disqus starting a new thread for every new blog post. For example, if you enter a comment at the bottom of this post, it will end up in a Disqus thread that can be accessed via (I can't tell you the URL for the thread, because the thread hasn't been created yet.)

Because of this "New Thread" feature, you can also create threads/conversations that aren't tied to a particular blog post.

But it appears that you can do more than this. Here's a new thread started in Sam Harrelson's Jangro.

And I have confirmed that the "New Thread" button is available for me to start conversations in other communities. (I haven't started any yet, because I don't have anything to say.)

Why didn't I realize this before? Because I didn't engage my brain. I was so focused on the fact that Disqus allowed comments on blog posts, that the community aspects of Disqus passed completely over my head.

But I'd better be paying attention to Disqus communities:

We have big plans for the community page, so stay tuned.

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