Saturday, May 17, 2008

Clerical Taquitos Mashup - Veronica Maggio's "Dumpa Mig" Meets Google Translate

Having written thousands of blog posts, there are innumerable ways in which I can mashup all of my posts together.

But I'm going to mashup two posts in particular:

  1. A January 12, 2008 post in which I bemoaned the fact that I could not find an English translation of the lyrics to Veronica Maggio's "Dumpa Mig."

  2. A May 16, 2008 post in which I celebrated the fact that Google Translate now supports Finnish.
Well, it also supports Swedish.

I was unable to re-locate the "Dumpa Mig" lyrics on Veronica Maggio's website, but I did find them elsewhere and translated them. Here are the results:

Did the train down, you could dump me
Better on-site than by phone
I did not know what is expected
The first vacation in four years
As I understood we were in love
You said that nowhere as good as I
We talked about everything and loved
I borrow money and come to your city

Why do you think of
someone other than themselves?
Ego... Ego ...


Did your job, I would pick you up
You asked me to wait for you outside
Even then I understood that something has changed
Your gaze was different than I remember
I ask what it was you answered
There was one on your job, you felt better about
So you asked me to come here to get dump me
You said: "Better on-site than by phone"


OK, now the video makes a lot more sense. Interesting that the oft-repeated word is "ego."

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