Friday, April 11, 2008

There are some times when Ian Curtis is not an appropriate topic of conversation

Someday my teenage daughter may see this blog post. She'll just have to bear in mind that it was the end of a long day...a hard day...when I chose to omit certain information that I shared with her.

At the end of our "Music Man" theatre rehearsal this evening, we were driving home when my daughter turned the radio on and listened to KROQ's evening programming. An interesting song came on, and I asked her (since she is still within KROQ's target demographic, while I am not) who sang the song. She didn't know.

Then the deejay announced that the song was by the Killers, and it all came back to me. The song, you see, was "Shadowplay," a cover of a Joy Division song. I've already blogged the video once (in December 2007), but I'll blog it again.

So I began sharing with my daughter, mentioning that this was a cover of a Joy Division song from the 1970s...and then I stopped sharing for a bit.

After a long day...a hard you really want to tell your daughter that the band you just talked about named themselves after Nazi prostitution camps, or that the lead singer ended up committing suicide?

So I just ended up saying,

Joy Division was not a happy band. I'll leave it at that.

That probably says it all.

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