Friday, April 11, 2008

Perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea for Rebecca Dickinson to start a convent either

All of us choose to share things in public, but perhaps there are some things that just shouldn't be shared.

Franklin Avenue linked to Curbed LA, who linked to a web site (now taken down, apparently) that was one of those wonderful "we're going to be married" web sites that is wonderfully touching and mushy and all that. (Sample: "I am marrying my best friend!")

The only problem is that the bride-to-be is Mirthala Salinas, whose main claim to fame is her previous involvement with a married man, Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, at the same time that she was covering Villaraigosa for Telemundo. The network subsequently decided that Salinas' relationship was kinda sorta a conflict of interest, so Salinas is now on the radio, hosting a Spanish language morning show on the spot on the radio band previously occupied by the Mighty 690.

I guess that Salinas and her husband-to-be figured that it was a good idea to put their pictures on the web, somewhere where their families could see them, and that they were pretty sure that no one else would ever find them.

They were wrong.

Perhaps they should have adopted pseudonyms.

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