Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stove Top, 15 April 2008

I haven't done a stove top in almost a month. If you're a new reader, a "stove top" post is one in which I "stuff" a lot of items into a single post. And yes, it's better than potatoes.

True Discernment discussed a ruling by the New Mexico Human Rights Commission in which a photographer was fined for refusing to photograph a gay "commitment" ceremony. Next: TV stations will be fined for suppressing news of New Mexico Ku Klux Klan rallies.

And, in a reprise of the whole "Suicide Solution" discussion, MySpace was referred to as "the Antichrist" because people get their jollies by planning and committing violent acts and uploading the evidence. Stowe Boyd and KChristieH had different theological views.

Speaking of theology, Mark Daniels preached on the theology of Oprah Winfrey.

And Robert Ritchie blogged on the works that need to be performed to receive a plenary indulgence.

Meanwhile, Allan R. Bevere talked about an industry that is making obscene and immoral profits. Specifically, Planned Parenthood's revenue exceeded its expenses by $112 million dollars during the 2006-2007 fiscal year, allowing the organization to perform 289,650 abortions in 2006. (My comment: Frankly, I'm not sure about the profit margin on abortions, so I don't know if an increase in abortions will result in an increase in profitability. If Planned Parenthood expands into China, we'll know the answer to that one.)

OK, let's move on...

A couple of Disqus items appeared in my feed. Daniel Ha was interviewed by Loic Le Meur, and Laurent Schneider dropped Disqus after trying it out.

Luis Suarez continued his "giving up on work e-mail" series.

Corvida of SheGeeks talked about guesting on ReadWriteWeb. Incidentally, if you ever hear me prattling on about "Corvida's Law," I'm talking about her post Conversation Fragmentation: Bloggers Have Duties.

And AOL acquired Sphere.

Wanna get paid to have a bar code tattooed on you? (Hmm, perhaps I should have put this up top with the religion posts.)

Doug Meacham opined that MyStarbucksIdea is a fake experience: "Almost every idea listed in this section is either something that Starbucks announced when they launched the site (Wi-Fi, Rewards, Pikes Peak Roast) or already had in test markets (Splash Sticks, Bite-sized pastries)."

David Allen taught me a new phrase: "negative seigniorage." And no, he wasn't saying that Rico is not so suave; he's talking about the fact that some coins cost more to manufacture than what they're worth.

And that clears out the whole backlog, except for the whole issue about the #twittout and ads. Or not. Story still developing.

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