Thursday, April 17, 2008 - Newsfeed aggregation for your viewing pleasure

The one disadvantage of doing much of your web interaction via mobile phone is that you are sometimes unable to try out things that you read about. On Wednesday afternoon I found Steven Hodson's post on, entitled "A news junkie’s dream .... or nightmare", but I couldn't check out the site on my mobile phone, so I shared it in my Google Reader feed to look at later.

Well, once it was shared in my Google Reader feed, it echoed to my FriendFeed, and a robust conversation ensued, primarily in relation to someone named Mary Jo Maffei who apparently appears on one of the feeds.

Well, I finally checked out the site today and nosed around a couple of the feeds (Al Jazeera was apparently down).

The interface is similar to a program interface on my DISH satellite service (unlike Dave Winer, I'm not "blessed" with Comcast). Specifically, one of the DISH channels (I think it's 100) displays thumbnails of several feeds at once, allowing you to select one at will and watch it.

Looks like a good experience, although I apparently won't reach aggregation nirvana until I see Ms. Maffei. (I assume she's a value add.)

By the way, there is a Twitter user @livenewscameras also.

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