Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Kiira Korpi is one of Holly's Girls

I would say that 90+% of all of the web pages on Kiira Korpi say two things about her:

  • She's a figure skater.

  • She's hot.
I've seen very few pages that attempt to convey any additional detail on Korpi. In fact, the only really good article on her is one that I found about two years ago: a Skate Today article from 2005.

Add Holly's Girls to the list. Excerpts:

Kiira Korpi made her competitive skating debut as a 14-year old in the 2002 Finnish Championships. She finished 13th in the senior levels of the 2005 European Championships at Torino, Italy. Kiira came first in 8th Merano Cup 2005 Merano and in Finlandia Trophy 2006. The Finnish skating federation nominated Kiira to join the Finnish team at the 2006 Winter Olympics, where she finished in 16th place.

But it was at the European Championships later that year that Kiira Korpi became a popular name in her native country when she got Finland the bronze medal...only the second female skater to get a medal in that championship ever.

And the article discusses Korpi's future plans, something that obviously couldn't be discussed back in 2005:

Like her sister Petra, Kiira plans to study further, and will apply at the Tampere School of Economics.

I'm partial to the Helsinki School of Economics myself, especially to its Mikkeli campus, but I'm sure that Korpi can get a good education in her hometown.

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