Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How are you gonna organize the Luddites?

Floyd Teter (who was previously overwhelmed when the Oracle OpenWorld 2007 schedule was published) has made the following announcement:

My new passion is to introduce discipline and conformity to the masses through the elimination of the technology-based tools that make this "social networking" slacking so prevalent. So, to further this cause, I've mortgaged my house to the hilt in order to fund the establishment of a world-wide virtual project: Special Leadership for the Uptake of Regulations by the People ("iSLURP")....I hope I can count on your help in defeating the undisciplined concepts of social networking wherever they may be found. Support iSLURP! You can lend your support through our new Web...no, IM me at...no, see our wiki at...hold on, eh, join our new group at LinkedIn...uh, no, text me on...wait, that's no good either...just drive to my house and we'll talk.

More at Floyd Teter's blog post dated April 1 (hint, hint).

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