Thursday, March 20, 2008

When you gonna aggregate? When you gonna prune?

So anyways, I logged into my Gmail, saw a whole bunch of new FriendFeed subscribers, subscribed to most of them (hint: if you're not publishing content in FriendFeed, I'm not going to subscribe to you), decided to wait about processing the Twitter subscriptions until later...

...and then ran across this email:

Hey Ontario,
WE LOVE having you as part of our exclusive All Access Pass program.

In reviewing your account, we noticed that you haven't played in a while.

As you know, AM570 KLAC's All Access Pass has exclusive access to a ton of prizes, concert tickets and cash, not to mention fantasy prizes that money can't buy.

We want you to get your share, so remember to keep your account active!

Although I still listen to KLAC, I've only visited their website a few times since Roggin & Simers Squared went off the air.

But that's just the tip of the iceberg. I maintain a list of all my accounts (the passwords are encoded), and there are a number of places that I haven't been to in a while:

  • I haven't even read their emails lately, much less visited the website.

  • Bally. Unfortunately, I haven't been going to the gym, either. Perhaps they need a "nag" feature.

  • Bookcrossing. A couple of years ago, I loved Bookcrossing. Now I give my spare books to my wife so that she can exchange them for Grace Livingston Hill books. (Unfortunately, I don't know the name of her paperback exchange service, or else I'd post it here.)

  • Consumerpedia. Visited a couple of times, never went back.

  • That's the topic of a whole other post, which I promise to write someday.

  • I'll occasionally access it on my cellphone, but I tend to use more on my desktop and laptop.

  • Frappr. I have a map on my MySpace, but that's about the limit of my interaction with Frappr.

  • PGP. I needed to get a PGP account for a bid several years ago, and I now have a PGP area on my disk drive. Frankly, while I've written down the password (provided I can figure out my encoding), I've forgotten how to even get to the data there.
And on that note, I'll just say that there are many more accounts that I have that are pretty dormant.

QUESTION: How many old accounts do you have that you no longer use?

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