Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Talk Talk

If I remember correctly, the whole idea of liberating Iraq from Saddam Hussein was to give the Iraqi people self-determination regarding their own future. In addition, it would certainly be desirable to reduce regional tension - Hussein certainly isn't the most popular person in Kuwait City, for example.

So now that we have achieved these objectives, we should be happy, shouldn't we? But we're not.

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad, the man most Americans have been taught is the next Hitler, just visited Baghdad for two days. He was warmly greeted by Iraq’s Shia government. Iraq’s Shias have long term relationships with Iran going back decades, but this was the first time an Iranian leader had visited Iraq....

Bush and company must have been seething, they’ve spent trillions of dollars and thousands of lives installing the Maliki government in Iraq, and here’s Maliki buddying up with our number one designated enemy-du-jour. I’m pretty sure “Iraq aligns itself with Ian” isn’t on the list of benchmarks showing how much progress the USA has made in the surge. You just can’t buy puppet governments like you used too, what is this world coming to?

Sometimes freedom means giving someone the power to hate you.

It's 3:am, and Ahmadinejad is making a "nyah nyah" crank call to the White House.

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