Saturday, March 15, 2008

OK, maybe I didn't tweet about EVERYTHING I saw at Barnes & Noble

See my previous post for context.

I picked up a Mel Brooks biography while I was wandering through Barnes & Noble tonight and skipped directly to the section on "Spaceballs." Unfortunately, the section was rather sparse.

Frankly, there was more material in this Extreme Mortman post on yet another Superdelegate.

President Skroob leads Planet Spaceball....His name is an anagram of “Brooks,”...President Skroob is once forced to jog to the bridge in order to arrive before the end of the film. He references this by saying “This ship is too big. If I walked, the movie would be over.” This kind of surgical wit and sarcasm comes right out of Barack Obama’s playbook, which he prefers over the decidedly more broadly physical humor of Hillary Clinton.

Oh, and I should probably mention my reaction when I opened an Onion-authored Atlas...and saw a diatribe directed (I kid you not) to people who visit Barnes & Noble and just look at the books without buying them.

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