Saturday, March 15, 2008

Baba Booeys, please shut up!

Ron Paul continues to be his own worst enemy.

Paul advocates a particular way to approach government, something that certainly merits discussion. But at the beginning of his campaign, any thoughtful discussion of the issues was swamped by discussions of Paul's power on the Internet.

True voters were underwhelmed.

Finally, after John McCain mathematically secured the nomination, Ron Paul posted a video withdrawing from the race, and encouraging his supporters to continue the philosophical fight.

So perhaps you thought that, with the Presidential campaign over, Paul and his supporters would not be distracted by all of the popularity contests and could concentrate on the business of sharing important philosophical points.

Well, guess what happened? I guess it's all summed up in the title of this post from the Ron Paul organization:

Vote for Ron Paul on YouTube

Need I say more? Well, I will. The title sounds bad, but when you look at the meat of the just gets worse.

Early in the campaign, Dr. Paul was interviewed by James Kotecki in James' dorm room - the first presidential candidate ever to be interviewed in such a setting.

Wow! A presidential candidate interview taking place in a dorm room? Being a libertarian at heart, I'm sure that Paul um...liberally partook of the communal joint. Off camera, of course.

Whatever one may say, pro or con, about the effect of the (Bill) Clinton Administration on the United States and the world, I don't think they'll refer to the fact that Clinton was the first presidential candidate to play saxophone on a talk show. And now Paul is bragging about being interviewed in a dorm room. Doesn't he realize that that dorm room was probably built by Federal overtaxation?

The baba booey writer continues:

At that time, no one could have predicted the avalanche of Ron Paul videos that would come to dominate YouTube and be viewed by hundreds of thousands.

Yes, this is the most important thing in American politics since...since Richard Nixon appeared on "Laugh In." I'm sure that helped with our 1972 breakthrough in China.

But let's get to the point of the post:

Now, that early video has been nominated for a 2007 YouTube Video Award in the "Politics" category. Your support can help put it over the top and further Dr. Paul’s message of freedom, peace, and prosperity.

Dr. Paul is competing against several videos:

Nominees in "Politics"
Stop the Clash of Civilizations from: AvaazOrg
HuckChuckFacts from: explorehuckabee
Congressman Ron Paul Visits My Dorm Room from: EmergencyCheese
STUDENTS: A CHALLENGE FOR YOU from: davisfleetwood
Vote Different from: ParkRidge47
"I Got a Crush...On Obama" By Obama Girl from: barelypolitical

I fear what will happen if Ron Paul wins this vote. Is he truly going to try to claim that a victory over Chuck Norris, Obama Girl, and an Apple Computer ripoff is consequential?

I'm starting to miss Ross Perot's flip charts. At least they had SOME substance.

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