Friday, February 1, 2008

This juxtaposition ain't superfluous. It's just plain bizarre.

Forget everything that I ever said in my post Danzig with Fears in Disguise about the horrors of nuclear war and how they can penetrate a young person's psyche.

Consider the lyrics of the Ultravox song as is, as a sad set of lyrics about the loss of a relationship.

Now think about the heartbreaking nature of these lyrics and juxtapose them with a smiling woman, her male dancers, and a 21st century version of Lawrence Welk bubbles.

If you can't picture this, perhaps I can help you picture it.

Novaspace does get one point for pointing to her eye at one she smiles away.

I offered this comment at YouTube:

I take a perverse pleasure in this version of the song. Ignore the original video for the moment and think of the lyrics, sad about the end of a relationship. To juxtapose these lyrics with a smiling, dancing performance complete with dancers and 21st century Lawrence Welk bubbles is a thing of delight, kinda like the 2.0 version of Devo from a year or so back (with the difference, of course, that Ultravox didn't engineer this performance).

(Aside: my previous post about Dev2.0 and the involvement of some of the original Devo members in the project can be found here.)

A postscript. The title of this post refers to the blog Superfluous Juxtaposition, a Los Angeles blog which I used to read regularly but haven't lately. I just added it to my Google Reader feed.

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