Thursday, January 31, 2008

Danzig with Fears in Disguise

We are shaped by things that happen to us in our formative years.

Those who grew up in the 1950s were shaped by air raid drills and getting underneath desks.

Those who grew up in the 1960s were shaped by the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Then things took a decade off, and people like me who grew up in the 1970s were shaped by Tony Orlando knocking three times, the Dolphins beating the Redskins, and other peaceful activities during the decade of detente.

But then we get to the 1980s.

Regular (or irregular) blog readers might have noticed a previous reference to the Ultravox song "Dancing With Tears In My Eyes." The song is on my playlist, but I had not seen the video until today.

What's more instructive, however, are some of the comments that were recorded on the YouTube page. Here's a sampling:

SpenTK421 (1 week ago)

Wow, havnt seen that since 1984, still remember it though. It scared me back then-I was 12. Nuclear war seemed a real possibility back then.

metalleeca (5 days ago)

I was 12 dude and I remember the threat of nuclear war gave me nightmares, this tune summed that all up pretty good, well done Midge Ure!!!

So how were those who grew up in the early 1980s shaped by this? Remember that the same people who watched Midge Ure's video may have also watched this television show:

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