Friday, February 29, 2008

Speaking of baseball, let's talk shutout

I first got the news from Rob's place:

Just a quick note to say thank you for doing what you do.

And I’m glad you’ll be able to read this since my websites aren’t BANNED FROM THE US AIR FORCE!!!!

Well, Rob's blog isn't banned, but apparently mine is. Rob linked to Digital Inspiration:

If the web address of your blog contains the term "blog" (like or *, men and women working for the United States Air Force will not be able to access your blogs.

In a strange move, the US Air Force has cut off access to all external websites that contain the term "blog" in the URL. The official argument is that blogs aren’t legitimate media outlets and therefore, shouldn’t be read at work.

And the ramifications are interesting. Digital Inspiration noted:

Russia based LiveJournal will remain accessible.

And Dreadnaught (who is on WordPress) noted:

A spokesman for the Air Force explained that sites such as the New York Times will be authorized, because it is a reputable media outlet. Reputable? Does anyone remember Jayson Blair?

For more information, read the Wired article on the topic.

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