Sunday, February 24, 2008

Random thoughts

Stuff I read on the mobile phone (no links, sorry).

Lots of tweeting about the housing crisis. On the one hand, people did this to themselves. On the other hand, is it to our benefit to have foreclosed homes in our neighborhoods?

Which leads to the Marshall Plan. I tweeted that the Marshall Plan (and our parallel efforts in Japan) were both humanitarian and strategic. I believe that our efforts in Iraq were humanitarian (we couldn't sit idly by and let Saddam murder his people), but I'm not sure that they were strategic.

And no, I'm not going to write the "whining" blog post. In short, Person A asked Person B how Person B could follow so many people; obviously Person B couldn't have genuine conversations with all of those people. So Person B blocked Person A, which I guess allowed ever-so-slightly more meaningful conversations with the rest of Person B's followers. And they got more meaningful as the night went on, as people got angry at Person B's denunciations of Person A, so they stopped following Person B. Heck, it reminded me of the days of the Deep Thoughts BBS in Mt. Baldy (I'M BONNIE DUNDEE!), except that the people on Deep Thoughts didn't run in fast company. (I amuse myself. Pay no attention.) But the point remains: if you don't like what Person B writes, or what I write, or what Ann Coulter writes, or what Fidel Castro writes, no one's forcing you to read it at gunpoint.

Well, perhaps you're being forced to read one of those people at gunpoint.

I'm sure a lot of Second Amendment supporters love Coulter.

Good night, Gracie.

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