Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Contract and Expand

A little over a year ago, I made a conscious decision to combine several of my existing blogs into a single blog - the one that you are reading now, mrontemp.

A little history on the prior blogs is in order.

The first blog that I created, back in October 2003, was the Ontario Empoblog. That blog was in some ways similar to this one, inasmuch as it touched upon anything and everything. And it ended up getting a good deal of general traffic because if you were searching for anything, you'd eventually end up at the Ontario Empoblog. (And, later, at mrontemp.)

However, after I set up the Ontario Empoblog, I set up some slightly more focused blogs to touch on various topics. For my (succinct) purposes, I'll mention one of those blogs right now, the Ontario Technoblog. This was a blog that I set up for focused discussions of technical topics, such as Oracle OpenWorld, my Hewlett Packard PDA, and my Motorola phone. It still remains somewhat popular - this post on Motorola Q sound issues has received 21 "thank you" comments over the past several months.

When I started mrontemp, I stopped updating the Ontario Empoblog, the Ontario Technoblog, and all of the other blogs in my empire (with one notable exception). I decided that, rather than creating a bunch of different blogs, I would create a single blog with different labels so that people who were just interested in technology stuff could simply read the mrontemp technology posts.

After doing this for over a year, I've decided that I want to continue doing this in general, but that I'm ready to start some vertical interest blogs again.

Well, one vertical interest blog, with possibly more to come.

The biggest difference between this new vertical interest blog and my previous vertical blogs is that this one will be VERY vertically targeted. Inasmuch as everyone is speaking about, say, technology, I don't think that another general technology blog is going to stand out. I've found over the years that I excel at locating and publicizing the more esoteric and limited vertical links, which is how I have become the acknowledged expert on Tracy Simers and similar items of limited interest.

So this new blog, I can assure you, will be of no interest to most of you. But I want to try it out and see what happens.


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