Wednesday, January 16, 2008

When there isn't a #twittout, we're a webby world

Since I participated in this study, I might as well cite it.

Jeremiah Owyang asked the following question:

How do you access Twitter? A) Browser B) Client (like snitter) C) from mobile. Use Percents. Me? A) 80% B) 5% C)15%. I’ll post results

And he did. Here are some excerpts:

42% of Twitter users access it through the browser, using the website: As the native form of the tool, I’m not surprised by this number. Many folks are desk bound, and may not want to install a client

33% use a client, like Snitter, or Twirl or other. I expect this number to go up if Twitter doesn’t ensure all replies continue to show up on the browser version,

14% primarily use a mobile device as the pimary way to access twitter, expect this number to increase as the US relies more and more on mobile technology.

11% straddled two mediums equally. When you look at the responses, most are using either the web based or client version as one, and the other equal amount is mobile. This suggests that folks are not only using Twitter on the computer at home or work, but are using it also when mobile. They’re hooked!

But since Jeremiah works for Forrester Research, he had to add this disclaimer:

This is not official Forrester research. Real research done by professional data collection teams would involve a more scientific methodology, analysis, and weighting, likely with demographic segmentation.

Well, Jeremiah, if it helps you, I'm a 46 year old white male. You can apply these demographics to my response:

Ontario Emperor oemperor @jowyang a browser 33 c mobile 67 (all mobile web browser-no sms) 01:00 PM January 13, 2008 from web in reply to jowyang

This indicates my issue with these surveys. I've answered at least one of these surveys previously. Here's what I said to Nate Ritter (thank you Tweetscan):

@nateritter i use a web ui on a cell phone-not sure what bucket that falls in 05:59 PM December 18, 2007 from web in reply to nateritter

In both Ritter's and Owyang's surveys, the survey takers often like to lump all mobile use together, regardless of the mobile software that you are using. In my view, use of SMS to access Twitter is very different from use of a mobile browser to access Twitter. But apparently this distinction isn't that important to the surveyers.

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