Monday, January 14, 2008

When the News Reporters Become the News - Gizmodo and InfoWorld

Normally you depend upon a news organization to report the news to you. However, things get really interesting when the news organizations actually BECOME the news.

I haven't talked about the whole Gizmodo-CES thingie, and any of the stories that were previously in my Google Reader feed have long since been, in the words of Robert Scoble, "erased." However, I'm sure that it was really really important for Gizmodo to put "Barney" on the CES TV sets or whatever it is that they did, but I'm glad that no pundits used the episode as an opportunity for self-publicity as they decried the terrible way in which Gizmodo used the episode for self-publicity.

InfoWorld is also getting into the news itself, with its "Save XP" campaign. Why should XP be saved? Rather than providing concise reasoning, InfoWorld simply directs you to read a bunch of previous InfoWorld articles on the topic. InfoWorld also has a blog post encouraging you to submit videos, and another blog post encouraging you to sign a "Save XP" petition. I'd link to the latter blog post, but when I click on it I'm immediately redirected to the petition signing screen.

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