Friday, January 4, 2008

Walking on Broken Stained Glass

Well, it looks more and more like I won't be joining RedBlueChristian (my December 9 application was not accepted). But I'm still interested in the intersection of religion and politics, and have found some observations on these topics in some interesting places.

Caveat Bettor, per Diem quotes from Salon:

If some portion of Huckabee's support does come from evangelicals who are comfortable with the thought that Jesus might care about the environment, poverty, and hunger, or that, as Huckabee said in August, "we can't ignore that there are kids every day in this country that literally don't have enough food and adequate drinking water in America," then Republicans are faced with a great paradox. The GOP long ago made its bed with Jesus Christ. But there's nothing in the Bible that equates belief in the savior with a belief in small government and tax cuts for the rich. By selling its soul to Christian conservatives, the GOP may have surrendered its own ability to define the conservative economic platform.

But CaveatBettor tries to put a libertarian spin on the topic:

Matthew was a tax collector who realized that there was a better way, and left government work to follow Jesus.

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