Sunday, December 9, 2007

Revisiting RedBlueChristian

I alluded to this in my last post, but let me bring everyone up to speed. Let me start by citing something that I wrote in July, 2006.

Sheep's Crib author J. A. Gillmartin has announced that he is now a contributor to a group blog called

Needless to say, anyone who has read the Ontario Empoblog [my old blog, succeeded by mrontemp] realizes that such a blog would definitely appeal to me....I am interested in going beyond political labels to explore the meaning of the Christian faith, and how we can follow God's call in the political arena (rather than following politics' call in the God arena).

As I read the blog, the first thought that occurred to me: Should I try to become a contributor? At first glance, it seems like something to which I could contribute. Although leaning toward the conservative (but not neo-conservative) side of the political spectrum, I can appreciate the views of religious leaders on the other side of the political spectrum, which could make for some healthy analysis and conversation.

At the time, I evaluated three things that I would have to do as a potential RedBlueChristian author.

  1. Contribute once a week. (At the time, I was contributing to the now-retired Word Search blog at that frequency.)

  2. Refrain from my "communist"/"baby seal clubber" cheap shots. (It all comes down to being a microcelebrity.)

  3. Write short, distinct posts.
The third one was my hangup, although even then I should have realized that I had an out:

We want shorter, well-thought out, distinct posts, and if need be, link to longer articles.

So if I wanted to, I could write something here and hem and haw and be really really long-winded, then turn around and put a tightly-edited masterpiece on RedBlueChristian.

Even Gillmartin, who agreed with my initial assessment, gave me an out:

Andy at RedBlueChristian is the maestro of the blog, so what he says goes. Nothing but O'Reilly like posts - pithy!

I can do that! But I don't think you can. Keep it on the back burner to think about though.

That was then...this is now. I no longer have obligations to Word Search. Gillmartin himself does not appear to have contributed in months (see this November 2006 post in Gillmartin's personal blog and in RedBlueChristian. Then again, there aren't a lot of contributors anyway. As I write this, there are no posts in December, and only six posts in November, four by Mark Daniels and two by Allan Bevere. Perhaps it's time for new blood, and I'm already on the SmartChristian mailing list anyway.

As Jack Benny said, I'm thinking it over.

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