Sunday, January 20, 2008

This video will self destruct in five seconds. Good luck, Tom.

Independent Sources links to the Tom Cruise video.

What if Cruise buys IBM and revamps the "Do" campaign? And it looks like Cruise uses more acronyms than I do! (MTV explains the language that Cruise is speaking.)

Seriously, look at the effect of a dependence upon your own works rather than on the goodness of God. In essence, Cruise is unsatisfied because he can't do more, despite his protestations that he is having "fun."

And if the video above is pulled, CBS' YouTube website has the Craig Ferguson version.

Note that Ferguson has professional writers. Cruise didn't (well, except for a western novel author who's dead now).

Actually, there was one thing in the MTV article that struck me. We've had debates for years over whether bloggers are truly journalists. If they are, then Tom and Katie won't show up at my door:

SP: "Suppressive Person." An SP is someone who commits suppressive acts, like murder, criticizing Scientology or altering LRH's teachings, according to former and current members. Journalists are automatically considered SPs because they traffic in bad news and so are barred from entering Scientology.

Which I guess means that we'll never have a newspaper called the Scientologist Science Monitor.

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