Friday, January 18, 2008

Target Executives and Snow Angels

In the words of a Ford enthusiast, I am going gears and look at the other side of the Target ad debate.

Not the part about how Target feels about bloggers (or, for that matter, customers) who send inquiries to them.

For a moment I want to jump back to the item that started this discussion in the first place.

This started with a picture that was posted by Flickr user bennett4senate with the caption "suggestivemuch?" The picture shows a young woman dressed in a hat, scarf, boots, and other snow gear. While she is wearing a red vest, the outfit is mostly white. This is a Target ad, after all. In fact, the smiling woman happens to be laying on a target, and in fact the middle of her body is centered on the target. Her arms are outstretched, and her legs are - sorry, I can't think of a neutral way to word this - spread wide open.

If you've followed the commentary on this topic, you know that two views have emerged on the picture itself:

  • The picture is an innocent picture of a woman making a snow angel, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either a sexual deviant or is pursuing an agenda.

  • The picture is your typical subliminal advertising, using the virgin "spread eagle" shot to encourage you to score - I mean buy - stuff at Target.
Judge for yourself.

Well, a thought occurred to me last night, but I had to go to bed early and couldn't pursue it until today.

Let's take a look at Target's executive officers:

Timothy R. Baer
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Michael R. Francis
Executive Vice President, Marketing

John D. Griffith
Executive Vice President, Property Development

Jodeen A. Kozlak
Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Troy H. Risch
Executive Vice President, Stores

Janet M. Schalk
Executive Vice President, Technology Services and Chief Information Officer

Douglas A. Scovanner
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Terrence J. Scully
President, Target Financial Services

Gregg W. Steinhafel

Robert J. Ulrich
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


Patricia Adams
Senior Vice President, Merchandising

Stacia J. Andersen
President, Target Sourcing Service

Carmela Batacchi
Senior Vice President, Target Sourcing Services, Regions II and III

Bryan Berg
Senior Vice President, Region I

Bob Chang
Senior Vice President, Target Sourcing Services, Region I

Gregory J. Duppler
Senior Vice President, Merchandising

Nathan K. Garvis
Vice President, Government Affairs

Corey L. Haaland
Vice President and Treasurer

Derek L. Jenkins
Senior Vice President, Region IV

Susan D. Kahn
Vice President, Communications

Sid Keswani
Senior Vice President, Region III

Richard N. Maguire
Senior Vice President, Merchandise Planning

Annette Miller
Senior Vice President, Target Sourcing Services

Dale Nitschke

Tina M. Schiel
Senior Vice President, Region II

Gina Sprenger
Senior Vice President, Merchandising

Mitchell L. Stover
Senior Vice President, Distribution

Kathryn A. Tesija
Senior Vice President, Merchandising

Laysha Ward
Vice President, Community Relations

Jane P. Windmeier
Senior Vice President, Finance

Jodeen Kozlak is the Executive Vice President of Human Resources. Would Kozlak consent to pose as a snow angel on the front cover of Target's human resources guidelines?

Janet Schalk is another Executive Vice President, in charge of the technologies used at Target. Would Schalk consent to pose as a snow angel while working with various technology vendors?

How about all of the listed merchandising vice presidents? Perhaps Patricia Adams, Gina Sprenger, and Kathryn Tesija could pose for a group shot, all as snow angels, all centered on targets.

And the list goes on. In fact, since Target is based in Minnesota (land of the DFL, Prince, and Dylan), I don't want to be accused of being a sexist pig. Let's have Robert Ulrich spread his legs and do the snow angel also!

The silliness of the picture shouldn't be an issue. Every year, the executive staff at my employer sends out a picture in which they're all dressed in scarves and other winter gear, while posing in front of an obvious fake winter background. So Target shouldn't have any problem having their executive staff pose as snow angels.

Sounds fun, doesn't it?

P.S. Check out the WCCO TV coverage of the issue.

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