Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Talk about foot in mouth disease

For the record, I actually was serious when I made the suggestion I'm about to discuss below.

Jake Kuramoto is in the midst of an internal Oracle summit, and since the subject is Web 2.0, he thought he'd solicit some help:

Our first challenge will be to brainstorm every 2.0 technology, method, or philosophy that we have experienced, seen or read about that appears innovative and effective. A pretty tall order for some, a short order for others.

So, in the spirit of New Web, I’ve decided to crowdsource (not to be confused with crowd surfing) this initial phase to give my team a little headstart, and with me as their facilitator, they’ll need all the help they can get. After all, crowdsourcing is one of the hallmark methods of New Web.

Anyway, I’d like your help. In comments, list every 2.0 technology, method or philosophy that you can remember....

A 2.0 technology example is wiki sofware, a method example is crowdsourcing, and a philosophy example is “Wisdom of Crowds“.

Hmm...I thought of a method, and perhaps you did too. Especially if you were reading my blog some time ago and remember how Jake Kuramoto read an item on my blog, continued a meme, and incurred the wrath of one Howard Rogers.

So, Here's my suggestion:

If you truly want EVERY method to be considered, how about the good ol’ meme?

The *opt-in* meme.

I’m serious.

If you remove the viral nature of a meme, and instead let people view it and choose whether they want to participate, a meme can be a valuable method for networking and sharing.

Something to think about, at least.

Let's face it, no one else was gonna suggest this to him.

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