Saturday, January 5, 2008

Splish splash I was raking in the cash

Sorry, got excited by my new CD - one I owned on cassette years and years ago, but just got for Christmas in 2007.

The CD is Before and After Science by Brian Eno.

The title is taken from the song "King's Lead Hat."

Which brings me to the trivia question I just asked on Twitter - how did Eno come up with the title for the song?

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GO said...

King's Lead Hat is an anagram of Talking Heads, the band that Eno also worked with.

Ontario Emperor said...

I was listening to the song again today, and I was wondering if Eno was intentionally trying to mimic David Byrne's guitar and voice. If so, I guess we should be glad that Eno never wrote a song called "EVDO." :)

Shawn said...

I got 77 Million Paintings by Eno for my birthday.

Ontario Emperor said...

Not familiar with 77 Million Paintings. I will investigate.