Saturday, January 12, 2008

Andy Schuon - From Poorman to Dala

One of the IMF press releases that I read included quotations from a guy named Andy Schuon. I knew that I remembered the name from somewhere. Turns out, according to this undated (but probably recent) biography, that I remembered his name from everywhere:

ANDY SCHUON, President & CEO, IMF: The International Music Feed, Only a few entertainment executives can lay claim to successfully programming as many platforms as Andy Schuon. As one of the best known, and most diversified people in the music industry, he has changed the direction of music in television, radio and the Internet for more than two decades. As head of programming for MTV, VH1, and MTV2, Schuon guided a pop culture phenomenon. While serving as Executive VP of Programming and Production at MTV, Schuon led the evolution from a radio-on-TV model to a fully packaged, youth-focused, pop culture experience with groundbreaking programming such as “MTV Beach House,” “Alternative Nation,” “MTV Jams,” “Beavis and Butthead,” “The MTV Video Music Awards,” “The MTV Movie Awards” and many more iconic programs. He later added VH1 to his responsibilities, and worked to create a destination for passionate music-loving adults. Before leaving MTV Networks, Schuon oversaw the development and launch of MTV2 and the company’s now famous Times Square Studio. Programming is in Schuon’s blood – he took KROQ-FM in Los Angeles to global cult status in his 20’s, helped bring music to the Internet as President of pioneering and later Pressplay (now Napster), and served as Co-President & President of Programming at the 185-station radio group Infinity Broadcasting (now CBS Radio). Schuon has even spent time on the hit making side of the business, serving as EVP and General Manager at Warner Bros. Records. In every instance he has taken a station, network, show, website, label, or artist and created an intensely personal consumer experience that established a brand. Now Schuon is returning to his roots as a peerless programmer - he has created the world’s only global pop-music network, which is also the flagship TV channel for the world’s largest record company, Universal Music Group. IMF is the only multiplatform network to bring top pop artists from around the globe to one place. As a music experience that spans the globe, this network is igniting its viewers’ sense of discovery, and is quickly developing a loyal legion of fans. For nearly a decade, Schuon has been a member of the board of directors of the publicly traded teen retail chain Hot Topic stores, a recognized leader reflecting music and pop culture through fashion with nearly 700 locations.

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