Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We haven't really advanced from the BBS days

Circa 1990 I was active in Inland Empire BBS systems, such as the Diamond Bar BBS (which was actually in Ontario - go figure). But one of my two favorite BBS systems was the Grotto, run by Starfish (who became the wife of Bloose). The seriousness of this site can be seen by the users' occasional demands for a "pee sub" (e.g. an area of the message board where we could talk about the subject in question).

Now it's a new millennium, we have interactive 2.0 communities, and (in the words of Devo) some things never change. To wit (Stowe Boyd):

Got pinged via email today about a new geolocational service -- MizPee -- which allows you to find a toilet relative to your location.


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