Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A formerly naked person talks about the evolution of marketing

Hmmm, my second naked post - that'll up the search results (especially if I get around to the post that I want to get around to posting).

Shel Israel has renamed "Naked Conversations" to "Global Neighbourhoods," which is fitting based upon the content of his December 4 post.

My experience is that an increasing number of PR folk are trying to treat bloggers as media. They want to find the 3-5 highest ranked topical bloggers and get hits that can be converted to clips.

They've learned smarmy little tricks like telling bloggers that they consider the blogger influential. It takes little time for a blogger to realize the pitcher has never read the blog they are pitching.

Here's the real trick. Don't pitch the conversational network. Join it. start your own blog. Get into the social networks like Facebook. Send your own tweets. Be part of the conversation so that we bloggers can see who you are and what yo do and what you have to say.

Then when you say something that is useful or interesting to my readers, chances are I will link to you.

Of course, my problem is that the all-encompassing nature of this blog means that, even if you use my label system to filter my posts, a lot of the important stuff I talk about won't be meaningful to you. I am, in the words of Benjamin Franklin (not), "not focused." People who read my religion posts won't care about my comments on the Oracle wiki, and vice versa.

(Actually, the real problem is that sometimes I'm in completely left field, which is good because I'm left-handed. I know my niche.)

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