Monday, December 3, 2007

Two Views on Divorce

I feel like a danged Noah, or at least a KLOS deejay on a Tuesday. You'll see this if (James 4 again) I follow through with the series of posts that I envision.

Let's start with this post on divorce from TechCrunch:

There are sites that help people plan for marriage, like the $400+ million market cap And when the time comes, BabyCenter, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, will help them through the process of having a baby. There’s even, which helps people plan for aging and death.

But if your blissful union ends in a dissolution, there aren’t many places to turn on the Internet for help in getting through the process. And that’s a shame, because the average participant spends up to $15,000 in the months leading up to and after a divorce. Houses are sold or refinanced, new bank and credit card accounts are opened, and someone has to furnish that shabby apartment that dad has been booted to. And it doesn’t stop there, of course. Revenge sex and, eventually, the ridiculous hope that the next relationship will end better than the previous one leads divorcees to start checking out the online dating services, too.

That’s why new Florida-based startup Divorce360 makes so much sense. These people are confused, lonely and need to make major financial decisions fast. Divorce360 will help them, just like TheKnot helps with marriages and BabyCenter helps with having a baby. And like those sites, Divorce360 will find ways make money through advertising, classified listings and lead generation.

But should we feel bad for divorced people? Caveat Bettor links to an article that says that divorced people are killing the planet:

Scientists have quantified for the first time the extent to which divorce damages the environment. The researchers found that the combined use of electricity across the two new households created rose 53% while water use was up by 42%.

So will Hollywood continue to champion the fight against global warming, even if it ends up hitting their own backyard (or backyards)?

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