Sunday, December 16, 2007

Twitter/T-Mobile Update, Sunday 16 December

Now that I'm finally on a real computer, I can pursue something that I read yesterday. Shashi Bellamkonda links to some interesting items in the Twitter/T-Mobile thingie, including these most recent items from

goldtoe, Official Rep, replied 22 hours ago

Twitter Representative

We've been working on this problem and believe it to be a technical issue, not a policy issue. That is, we think there is a problem between T-mobile and the folks who handle our text message aggregation; not a decision by T-mobile to cut off Twitter users.

We hope we can get it resolved really quickly because we know how many folks are impacted by it.

And this is the latest update from the Twitter blog:

Update (12/15 4:30p): We've received word this issue has been resolved. We'll continue to watch closely and let you know if anything changes.

The reports that I've seen on Twitter seem to indicate that T-Mobile users can now send SMS messages to Twitter (with one possible exception).

However, there's one outstanding issue that isn't resolved - namely, why Twitter's "technical issue" messages are so dramatically different from the "Twitter is unauthorized use" messages from Marianne Maestas at T-Mobile. Perhaps Twitter is just putting its best face on the situation, but it certainly didn't help T-Mobile when the Los Angeles County Fire Department weighed in:

While our agency does not become involved in business matters between private firms, we were deeply humbled to learn of many Twitterers using the Los Angeles Fire Department Twitter feed as a primary example of 'essential usage' when corresponding with T-Mobile and posting to forums.

Connectivity services such as Twitter are becoming increasinly important in all of our lives. We therefore hope that discussion will continue among the many stakeholders, and that agencies such as might continue to be inspired by the passion that drives modern tech.

Thanks Team Twitter, for handling a challenging issue with aplomb on what already was a difficult weekend.

Happy Holidays!

Respectfully Yours in Safety and Service,

Brian Humphrey
Public Service Officer
Los Angeles Fire Department

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