Friday, December 14, 2007

T-Mobile and the Bottom Line

I was scanning when I ran across this tweet from Dick Costolo:

Just switched to t-mobile today and now they're blocking twitter. If it doesn't start working by monday, bye bye t-mobile. So stupid of them

You'll recall from my previous post about T-Mobile blocking SMS codes for Twitter that BibleBoy received a letter from Marianne Maestas of T-Mobile (speaking on behalf of Robert Dotson) that stated the following:

T-Mobile regrets any inconvenience, however please note that if you remain under contract and choose to cancel service, you will be responsible for the $200 early termination fee that would be assessed to the account at cancellation.

While T-Mobile will certainly try to enforce this on existing customers, will they try to enforce this on new customers such as Costolo?

More importantly, as word of T-Mobile's unfriendly attitude toward Twitter spreads among those in the technical community, how will T-Mobile react when business dries up?

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