Friday, December 14, 2007

Android Censorship

It's amusing (well, not so amusing to some) to read portions of this press release in light of T-Mobile blocking SMS codes for Twitter:

T-Mobile...and others have collaborated on the development of Android through the Open Handset Alliance, a multinational alliance of technology and mobile industry leaders.

This alliance shares a common goal of fostering innovation on mobile devices and giving consumers a far better user experience than much of what is available on today's mobile platforms. By providing developers a new level of openness that enables them to work more collaboratively, Android will accelerate the pace at which new and compelling mobile services are made available to consumers.

With nearly 3 billion users worldwide, the mobile phone has become the most personal and ubiquitous communications device. However, the lack of a collaborative effort has made it a challenge for developers, wireless operators and handset manufacturers to respond as quickly as possible to the ever-changing needs of savvy mobile consumers.

Gary Starta unintentionally said it best:

“No scientific endeavor could successfully be conducted with such bias,” the doctor told himself. “Still, an emergency plan would be necessary to prevent the androids from taking any actions deemed harmful to the civilians.” McElroy then pondered how he could implement such a plan without exposing the androids to constant censorship....

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