Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Culcha Candela: Hamma! (Courtesy IMF)

From Culcha Candela's website:

This is a band that’s moving up to the next level. After winning many fans with their funky, freaky debut album and then really honing their skills on their second record, the band has stormed back onto the scene with their third long player. Welcome back, CULCHA CANDELA! The diverse cultural background of this band has blessed them with a creative fire that allows them to reinvent themselves at every turn. Then it should be no surprise that the sound of Culcha Candela in 2007 has once again morphed beyond all expectations – perhaps even beyond the expectations of the band members themselves!...

The new record...sees Culcha Candela returning to their roots and to their original credo of “Changing the world through good vibes!” While not losing their unique personal touch, the band raises the stakes with positive party anthems like “Chica” and “Hamma!”. Altogether, this is a balanced, homogenous effort that works better as a whole than any of their previous albums. Interestingly enough, the absence of preaching actually lightens the band’s political message and makes the whole thing more elegant and ultimately more successful. To put it simply, this is the official party soundtrack for a better world!

But "Hamma" isn't on Pity. And I haven't found a translation of the title (frankly, since the band is multi-lingual, I'm not definitely sure where to begin).

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