Tuesday, December 18, 2007

My only comment on Bill Clinton's comments on Barack Obama's experience

From Mark Daniels:

With Illinois Senator Barack Obama in a virtual tie with her in Iowa polls before that state's presidential caucus, Senator Hillary Clinton and her husband are claiming that Obama is dangerously lacking in experience which the New York senator apparently possesses. The New York Times reports that former President Bill Clinton says that electing Obama would be "rolling the dice" for the United States.

From what I understand, the horrifying truth is that Barack Obama only had one year of national experience as a U.S. Senator before he announced his candidacy for President.

That's one year more than Bill Clinton had before he announced his candidacy, but as far as I know Hillary isn't slamming the inexperience of our LAST Democratic president.

And, for the record, Obama apparently has much more experience than Clinton in dreaming about becoming President. And that is an apparent problem:

Some of this stuff is right out of kindergarten -- where, thanks to the thoroughness of Clinton's opposition research, we now have the essential information that a 5-year-old Obama imagined himself running for president.

But someone else did some research (namely, opening Obama's biography) and discovered that - I know that everyone except for the Ron Paul supporters will keel over when I say this - BARACK OBAMA USED ILLEGAL DRUGS.

The sordid details were reprinted in Real Clear Politics, the source for Obama's kindergarten aspirtations.

Last week, Billy Shaheen, the co-chairman of the Clinton campaign in New Hampshire...told a reporter that Obama's past could make him unelectable if he is the nominee and Republicans make an issue of the Illinois senator's youthful drug use.

This part of Obama's life isn't exactly a state secret. In fact, it was Obama who made it known in his autobiography that, as he struggled with identity issues as young man, "pot had helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you could afford it."

That revelation hasn't hurt Obama up to now. But it could hurt anyone, Democrat or Republican, who tries to use it against him. Voters are likely to see it as a waste of time.

Besides, did Shaheen just sleep though the 1990s? Or does this Clinton adviser have any recollection of another candidate whose explanation of his drug use in the 1960s -- and how he "didn't inhale" -- became a punch line on late night talk shows?

If Obama was doing blow, presumably he inhaled.

Basically what we're seeing is something that we've been seeing since 1997, if not earlier - the Clintons preferring to operate from a position of strength. If Obama wins some key contests, and Clinton becomes the underdog, what then?

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