Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Adam Smith Raked the Lawn

If you don't follow soccer, then you may not know that some of the English are going through histrionics because - again, you'll need to sit down (even the Ron Paul people) - THE ENGLISH FOOTBALL TEAM WILL NOT BE COACHED BY AN ENGLISHMAN.

The horror!

Ahmed Bilal (in Soccerlens) put the discussion into perspective:

Is it racist or overtly patriotic to blame foreigners for the lack of chances Englishmen get in football (whether as players or as managers)? Considering that England (and Great Britain) have historically been the greatest proponents of capitalism and free markets, it smacks of hypocrisy that they complain when they themselves are victims of the social and economic system they labored so hard to spread throughout the world.

Perhaps I missed it, but it's interesting that the same standard is not applied to teams in the English Premier League, where the top teams have non-English coaches from France, Scotland, Spain, and Israel. Oops...

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