Tuesday, December 4, 2007

If the opponents cannot be heard, they do not matter

Is it possible to endorse Ron Paul without endoesing the Baba Booeys who follow him? Caveat Bettor links to Don Surber.

Ron Paul’s supporters shout down Rudy Giuliani.

First they spammed the online polls, denying the ability of bloggers to legitimately check public opinion.

Now Ron Paul’s supporters are shouting down opponents in a made effort to raise his numbers above 3% in the polls.

The shout-down comment may be a reference to The Swamp:

Giuliani headed out for the Holiday Stroll in downtown Nashua, where supporters of GOP candidate Ron Paul accompanied him for most of his visit.

As Giuliani walked down Main Street shaking hands and wandering in and out of shops, the Paul supporters encircled his entourage and waved their candidate's signs as they walked.

Let me ask, is this an example of serious discussion?

As one of the participants said, "I was proud to be apart of the Ron Paul group."

I'm proud to be apart of the Ron Paul group, also.

Speaking of the Ron Paul group, Twitter user ronpaul2008 now has 430 followers, a net increase of 28 followers since Saturday, or roughly 9 new followers a day. At that rate it will take a while to get up to Barack Obama's 5,600+ followers. But Ron Paul supporters, YOU CAN DO IT! SIGN UP FOR TWITTER! RON PAUL COMMANDS YOU TO DO SO! RON PAUL! RON PAUL!

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