Saturday, December 1, 2007

A bird in every inbox

I don't know how many 2008 presidential candidates are on Twitter, but I've found at least two of them.

Here are the statistics for

Following 6,088
Followers 5,692
Favorites 0
Updates 44

Here are the statistics for

Following 0
Followers 402
Favorites 0
Updates 21

One observation which I've already made is that Barack Obama follows over 6,000 people, which Ron Paul doesn't follow anybody. I wonder if this indicates how each of them will govern.

I have two other observations:

  • Neither candidate seems to be utilizing Twitter to its fullest potential. If they were smart, they'd be energizing their followers with daily tweets and exhortations.

  • For those who like to claim that Ron Paul is the most popular thing on the Internet since pornography, this showing is frankly embarrassing. Heck, I have nearly 100 followers myself, and I've proven that I can't beat a stick in an election campaign. And only about 400 people are following Ron Paul's tweets?Perhaps you can spin this to mean that Ron Paul groupies want material of substance, with more than 140 characters. Or perhaps it just means that Ron Paul isn't all that popular.

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