Saturday, December 22, 2007

I may be trying Firefox

Tonight, when my wife tried to go to, she was told that she had to upgrade her browser to Internet Explorer 6.

We are running Internet Explorer 7.

Turns out we're not the only ones with this problem:

I can get to the page, but anything else, like to the main resort page, for the calendars, trip planning, etc, I get stuck with an "upgrade your Browser" page and I can't navigate from or around it.

I can't even get to the contact us to get technical help page.

Sooo frustrating. I already upgraded through the link i was given. I've rebooted, i've repeated.


As for contacting Disney for technical assistance:

The contact page is The "Technical Questions About" link is useless; it says "if you have problems, contact us." There is no direct email link, only the mail form.

The solution?

I'm on a PC, but I find the site impossible with IE. It's super slow and crashes so often. If I want to visit it, I use Firefox.

Worth a try. I need the information tonight. I'll try the contact page and see what happens.

[UPDATE 8:40 PM]

Firefox might not be the solution; it isn't listed in the supported browsers on the Disney website.

I have an MSN client, but that resulted in the same error message.

However, there may be another fix, courtesy JDel of Glendale, California:

I had the same thing happen and couldn't get on the disney website for a long time. I kept trying to download the flash or whatever they asked me to, but it still wouldn't work. Then, I was on another website one day ( I can't remember which one) and the same thing happened but when I did the download (flash)-- it worked. Then I was able to get on disney after that. So, to make a long story short, try to download whatever flash version they use from a different place other than their website.

Let's see what happens. If that doesn't work, I may try Opera or something.

[UPDATE 8:45 PM]

JDel from Glendale is my favorite person in the world right now. I downloaded Adobe Flash Player 9,0,45,0 from the Adobe website and now works fine.

[UPDATE 8:55 PM]

Very odd. I logged in to my wife's account and got the "upgrade" message again. Went to the Adobe website for the Flash Player download, was now told that I had downloaded 9,0,115,0 - and it didn't work. Went back to my account, everything was working fine. I'm considering de-installing her Disneyland Dashboard; that's the only difference that I know of between her account and mine.

[UPDATE 9:15 PM]

I logged into a third account on this computer, and is working fine from that account, as well as my own. Tried clearing out temporary Internet files and history on my wife's account; still have problems. Tried exiting Disneyland Dashboard; still have problems. Went back into Disneyland Dashboard and saw that it has been "retired"; tried the uninstall command; still have problems. Tried reinstalling Adobe Flash Player (9,0,115,0 again); still have problems.

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philip said...

The new Disneyland dashboard link is.....