Monday, December 10, 2007

How to Get Noticed - Make a Terrible Misteak

Not that TechCrunch really needs the publicity, but Phil Gomes provided some publicity for TechCrunch:

I point readers to [the Katie Hafner piece on the WELL] because of this post on TechCrunch...

Said post says, in part:

Silicon Valley these days is made up of two kinds of entrepreneurs (I’m painting with broad strokes, bear with me). The first group is the old guard. These are people who started companies during the late nineties and up until the 2000 stock market crash.

For the record, even I predate the late nineties, and I wasn't even in Silicon Valley; I just had a virtual connection. When I was attending Reed College in 1979-1983, we were one of the pioneering Usenet sites, and were busily exchanging Paddy O'Furniture jokes with people at UC Berkeley and Duke University years before the WELL was founded in 1985.

Well, Phil certainly gave TechCrunch some publicity for its "old guard" observation:

[W]hile I understand that the point of TechCrunch is not high-k dielectrics, advanced device physics, carbon nanotubes, or the next node on the SIA roadmap — in other words, the innovations that ultimately allow all of us to wax rhapsodic about the latest AJAX-powered doohickey — I humbly ask that you find it in yourself to gain that respect for Silicon Valley's history and what made it truly great, wonderful, and unique.

P.S. Don't Baba Booey Ron Paul candidates feel guilty when they base so many of their efforts on a technology that was originated by the big government folks in the Defense Department? The use of Federal Express, rather than the Internet, to carry their missives might be slightly more philosophically in order.

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