Monday, December 10, 2007

Baba Booey. (Click.)

Update from Ron Paul land.

From Positive Liberty:

I think there is too much exuberance out there amongst his supporters. They have bathed themselves in all things Paul, and therefore have lost some perspective. The Republicans have completed the transition to warmongering party, and they really, really don’t want Paul to be their nominee. The odds are still long, and oh how I wish I was wrong.

High expectations, unfulfilled, lead to emotional devastation. Emotional detestation means that all these wonderful, energized people just walk away — despite the fact that they’ve accomplished something tremendous and have the ability to, over the next few years, change the political landscape, if they’d just stay together (Join!).

How many Ron Paul supporters will cry and feel a sense of loss after the Iowa primaries? Especially since Borders is in on the conspiracy against Ron Paul - when I was looking at the "countdown" calendars (countdown until Obama's inauguration, countdown until Clinton's inauguration, countdown until Giuliani's inauguration, countdown until Bush leaves), the evil people at Borders conspired to exclude Ron Paul from calendar sales. (Oh well, Huckabee wasn't there either, much less Tancredo.)

But I digress. Let's go to Extreme Mortman:

Andrew Malcolm pens a fascinating blog post that examines comments submitted “in recent days by Paul boosters and opponents (yes, there are some willing to say so). Hundreds of readers — 60+ pages of printouts.”

That’s quite a bit. And what he find? “An eclectic mix of people, who identify themselves as lawyers, Democrats, housewives, first-time voters, young, old, suspicious of established institutions like the dreaded MSM (mainstream media) who resent being portrayed as fringe fanatics.”

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