Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hey, network manager (yes, this means you)

Is this alarmist?:

Wednesday, House Democrats rushed an absurd piece of legislation to the floor where it passed almost unanimously. Congress critters are suddenly up in arms about Wi-Fi connections being used to transmit child pornography. The new bill requires anyone providing a Wi-Fi network (that includes individuals) to report illegal (kiddy porn) images or face a $300,000 fine.

Note the first parenthetical statement. Richard Koman at ZDNet opines:

This bill would pretty clearly subject everyone running an access point, from home users to coffee shops to ISPs to onerous reporting, retention and financial penalties.

My only question - if I (a California resident) transmit a message to my daughter over wi-fi saying that I'll buy her M&M's for a buck, do Internet taxes apply?

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