Friday, December 21, 2007

Frozen Pea Friday - Beth Kanter on Nonprofits

From Beth's Blog:

In a comment on the Twitter post, Pistachio suggested that if nonprofits want to understand the power of Twitter, they should check out the Frozen Pea Fund, launching on December 21st....

As Pistachio mentions, "This arose spontaneously. From love, connection, support and caring. It's spreading like wildfire. We just added yesterday to offer the PEAvatar folks their own Twitter "channel" to come together and share information, ideas & support." You can feel the love and community in the comments to this post. There is also the fund drive.

Pistachio adds "The power here, and what will happen tomorrow in the fund drive, comes from connection and love. There's no trick, tip or shortcut to get there. But the potential momentum nonprofits could achieve through social media if they start genuinely engaging, listening, experimenting and trying? Staggering."

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