Sunday, December 23, 2007

Doing the corporate flip

Before I went on vacation, my office got completely distracted one day. I tweeted about it:

our entire department was disrupted this morning when a co-worker brought in a google-branded flip video that his wife received as a gift 09:58 AM December 20, 2007

It took us a while, however, to figure out that it was a Google-BRANDED Flip. We couldn't figure out how to work the thing, so a couple of us were searching for product manuals for the Google Flip camera. Turns out there's no such beast; the camera itself is the Flip camera, and Google just slapped its name on it in a corporate giving spree. I'm used to companies that slap their name on memory sticks, but video cameras? Oh well, they got the money.

And someone else who has the money is Oprah, the subject of my subsequent tweet:

what's more important-that google gives away flip videos, or that oprah likes it? 09:58 AM December 20, 2007

Cortland Coleman also notes Google's gift-giving ways.

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