Sunday, December 23, 2007

At least it's GOOD literature

What book influences Republican party leaders? Milton Friedman's Free to Choose? Rick Warren's The Purpose Driven Life? Guess again. Extreme Mortman has the details:

Mike Huckabee is getting ridiculed for expressing a love of Dr. Seuss....

But one other thing is worth remembering: the love of Dr. Seuss extends to the current White House. In particular, “Hop on Pop.”

President Bush in 2002:

“As we try harder to serve our children better, we ought to keep in mind the wise words of Theodore Geisel — he, better-known as Dr. Seuss, the guy who wrote ‘Hop On Pop.’”

Laura Bush in 2006:

“‘Hop on Pop,’ which was one of George’s favorites to read to the girls.”

Laura Bush in 2002:

“My husband and I must have read ‘Hop on Pop’ to them dozens of times.”

And this gem — Laura Bush, at the 2000 Republican National Convention:

“George and I always read to our girls. Dr. Seuss’ “Hop on Pop” was one of his favorites. George would lie on the floor to read this story and the girls would literally hop on pop, turning the story into contact sport.”

But did he eat a snack with Brown and Black? Or hear a thing that would sing too long?

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